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Piné Cembra Fishing

Mad about fishing?

With its enormous variety of water and scenery, Trentino, in the heart of the Italian Alps, is the perfect place for fishermen looking for new excitement. They can choose from the many Alpine lakes in the Dolomites, rivers and streams such as the Noce, Avisio or Sarca, which enjoy their natural cycle from thaw to autumn, the quieter waters of rivers such as the Adige, or the big lakes, like Garda. Altopiano di Piné and Valle di Cembra are ideal fishing spots.

Valle di Cembra

In this particular stretch, the Avisio River is surrounded by wild, untamed nature. It is teeming with fish at this point and the undisputed realm of the marble trout! It is not easy to get down to the river or move along it, but the fishing it offers is worth the effort. The river is framed by Val di Cembra, famous for the porphyry and terraced vineyards that make this valley one of a kind in Trentino!

Altopiano di Piné

Lago delle Piazze: a lake into which rainbow trout, perch, brown trout and even eel are released for fishing.

Lago di Serraia: whitefish, pike, perch, eel.

Lago delle Buse: stocked with rainbow trout.